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Events and Experiences


We’re on a mission to deliver events that engage, inspire and delight.

Humans are emotive. We remember moments in time that move us, challenge us and that transform our perspective. In the ever competitive technology age, we're bombarded with messaging left right and centre. Cut through can be challenging. And creating a Live Experience is one of the most powerful and authentic tools we have to convey a dedicated message.


We’re the full package. Our team of highly trained event specialists manage all aspects from the initial creative vision to waving your guests goodbye. We can handle the stress so you can chill.


We enjoy variety. From the little guys to the large corporates. It keeps us on our toes. If you’re working with us you have our heart. We’re invested in you, your vision, your team and ultimately your success.

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We’re collaborators. Innovators. Magic makers. Movers and shakers. If it’s never been done, it’s music to our ears.

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You got big plans? We’ve delivered events in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, America and Europe. We’ll take you places.



Digital Content and Animation



Messages that moves. We do the full caboodle, from slick animated stories that express your story and your vision to a full blown film production worthy of an Emmy nod. We work with the best.


Humans are visual creatures. A carefully crafted image has the power to captive. Our in-house design team produces data visualisations, brand logos, brand identities and so much more.



We combine creative thinking with technical excellence to connect people with technology, seamlessly. We make custom applications, mobile solutions and digital journeys to capture data and engage your audience one to one.


We’re producing content that connects people - emotionally. We’re transforming behaviours, starting conversations and moving audiences into action.



Strategy and Communications


A brilliant strategy is a response to a brilliant problem. And we like problems. They’re opportunities to deliver exceptional solutions. Every brilliant solution probably started with a crazy idea. And it’s our role to validate our ideas with a strategic vision and purpose. It’s the method to the otherwise madness. Our strategic communication solutions are powered by data and reinforced with an armour of measurable targets.


The goal: talk about it and share it. Our carefully crafted content demands attention, sparks engagement and inspires people to watch, share and talk.


We’ve worked with some of the most thought provoking industry experts from across the globe. We create solid speaker programs to deliver on top line objectives.


Sometimes you need a delicate touch. We’ve managed internal change communications, internal re-brands and strategic copywriting.


Our well honed focus on internal brand activations result in a stronger alignment to company vision while educating staff to become passionate advocates of your brand.